• Computer and Laptop repairs

    Computer won’t turn on or freezing? We can fix it!

    Model 1
  • Virus Removals

    Pop ups & no control of your machine? Come to us!

    Model 2
  • iPhone Repairs

    Cracked screen or broken battery? No problem!

    Model 3

Want a good, proven desktop that has been certified by our professional technicians?

Don't want to pay for something new, but need something reliable?

Come see us!

Looking for a PC for Homework and Assignments?

Don't want to pay for a New Computer?

Buy a Quality Refurbished Desktop through a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher!

Genuine Software!



Microsoft Windows 7 (Genuine Software)

Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint & One Note) (Genuine Software)


Microsoft Security Essentials (Virus Protection)

LCD Screen

USB Keyboard and Mouse

6 Months Warranty

Only $250!!!!!
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